Jan 31
All Things Gaming Episode 33 – inkog
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Welcome back to the show. In this episode, I have inkog on (and we recorded this before UT), and we discuss his travels, loyalty, choice of characters, and his breakdown in his thought processes during the finals at SCR 2013. Thanks for listening and see ya next time.

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Jan 21
Brackets are up!
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The UpstateFighting.com online brackets are up. Be sure to check out and follow to see who takes home the gold. Check out the bracket Here

Jan 18

Welcome back to another episode. Today I go off the fighting game track and talk with indie reviewer and fan RockLeeSmile about independent games. We talk about his start of his channel, criticisms of the current gaming industry and what he likes about indie gaming. Thanks for listening and for your support.

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Jan 5

Welcome back. It is a new year, and a new cast. Today, as from suggestions from some of the listeners, I bring on one of many well known Korean players JDCR. To my surprise, he brought along a friend with him, by the name of Rain. We discuss the origins of their game names, games they play, the current state of Tekken in South Korea and Japan, some esports, a little bit of League of Legends, and just more insight to South Korea in general, and messages for players. I had a lot of fun, as did they, making this episode. Enjoy, and here is to a bright new year. Thank you for listening.

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Also, I am uploading the old episodes of the podcast to YouTube, so it will take a while. YouTube Channel for the cast and the main channelThe Upstate Fighting Channel Plus we have some new content slowly coming out. Let us know what you want to see or hear by email us allthingsgaminguf [at] gmail.com

Dec 10
ATG Episodes 29 and 30
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Sorry for the huge delay in getting these last casts out. Real life has to take priority at some point. Here in these two episodes, I talk with an old school and a new school player, Cobra Commander and RoRo respectively. In episode 29, we talk about the past and the present with Cobra Commander, and a bit about his group The Snake Pit. In episode 30, I bring on my first female guest, and we talk about why RoRo plays the characters she does, her scene, and how it is to be a female in the fighting game community (prior to her win in the Queen of the Iron Fist tourney).

Episode 29
Episode 30

I hope everyone enjoys the casts as much as I had doing them. To everyone, a safe and fun holiday.

Aug 30

Welcome back and apologies for not getting this out sooner, a needed vacation came about. In this episode, I talk with nyc_fab about his trips to Korea, games he is interested in, Tag2 opinions, and he gives out some interesting ideas about Miguel and Bob. An entertaining and interesting episode awaits. Thanks again for listening and I will catch everyone next time.

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Jul 17

In this episode, we have pIchu and Shotokan on, and we discuss their interest in Tekken, teams they have for Tag 2, fighting game philosophy, the Australian scene, specifically Brisbane on the world stage, and a complete and honest review of Tekken Tag 2, and a bit of pIchu’s Diablo 3 habit. This is a lengthy episode, and has something for everyone in this one. Thank you for listening and we will catch you later.

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Jul 6

Welcome back! This episode I talk to Canada’s Vargas the Sick. We talk about the Canadian scene, tourney experience, Tekken Busters overall winners (we talked before the video was posted), and the influence of communities on game development. Enjoy this episode, and enjoy Evo this weekend.

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May 22

Welcome back! In this brief cast I have here SoVA player Mr. Taxi. In this episode we talk about his start, why he plays Anna, his handle, oki video and calling out Koreans. Thanks for tuning in and check out Mr. Taxi’s video – http://youtu.be/to8FAX36dS0

Check out there cast here

Apr 7

Welcome back to possibly the most controversal podcast we have done yet. In this two part episode, I speak with up and coming player M.Lawrence about his history of Tekken and how he got into the scene, and his opinions about what has been happening in the fighting game community, in terms of sponsorship and mentality. In part two, The Realyst comes back and keeps it real with his opinons. Keep in mind these are just opinons about what we have all heard, and do not reflect us as a whole community. Thanks for tuning in and see you next time!

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